Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So what was the cause of Tut's death?

When King Tutankhamen died, there were many, many questions that came to peoples' minds. How old was the king when he died? Did he suffer from any physical abnormalities? Had he been murdered? (I guess I would be ok if people questioned how I died, even if they didn't know the city that I was born in!) Finally, in 2005, all of those questions were answered. But what most people wanted was the amulets and gold that were buried with the body. (Gold is great, trust me. But I would rather all the answers that led up to the mystery of King Tut's tomb than have the gold and amulets.) Scientists believed that the king had been murdered, possibly by accident, with a bow-and-arrow, which had been shot into the back of his skull. However, signs from the skull say that he lived for an extensive period of time after the injury had occurred...(hopefully!!)


  1. wow! i cant believe they might have found the answer to all of the mysteries of king tuts death! I wonder if that really was the cause because he lived for an extensive time period after the injury?