Monday, December 15, 2008

Describe Howard's reaction when he found the tomb.

Finding a tomb. Pretty exciting, right? Some of you may say, "Uhh yeah!!!" while others may be sitting there thinking, "Why would anyone want to go on a llonnngg journey, just to find an old mummy in a sarcophogus?" Well, if you're thinking about the second response, I would take it back. When Howard and his men found the tomb, they were simply astonished! (and to be honest, I guess I would be held gold!!!) But instead of finding gold, he only found King Tutankhamen..dead, old, and crinkly in his sarcophogus. And all that Howard felt was a wave of relief and astonishment because he had finally found the tomb.


  1. that must have been depressing to only find the body. i would want to find a tomb even if i had to go on a longgg journey. would you?

  2. how much gold was there?
    Why did egyptians love gold so much?